West Coast Swing done in the lead-follow contemporary style was first promoted in Bellingham by Paul Olmstead and Julie Whitacre, starting in 2006-2007 under the name Bellingham WCS Project. Paul and Julie arranged a Sunday dance, with a brief lesson, in coordination with what was then the Bellingham chapter of USADance. This dance continued for approximately two years.

Paul followed this up with a series of classes based on the curriculum set by the Golden State Dance Teachers' Association. Julie has taught an abbreviated version of these classes and later the full series and later additional introductory WCS lessons.

The Tuesday night practice was established by Veronica Wisniewski in 2008 to accomodate local dancers who wanted a venue for continued practice after Paul's classes ended. Veronica continues to manage the logistics for our dance practices and the venues for private lessons and for special classes and workshops.

The dance practice, the friendly atmosphere, and all workshops and special events, are made possible by Great Participants.

We have had Tuesday workshops and special events since 2009 with Jim Minty, Katie Schneider, Paul and Melinda Booth, John Kirkconnell, Roy and Farrell Sjoberg, Joshua Sturgeon, Ian Kirkconnell, Leigh Young, and Michael Kielbasa.